Brush Pickup Policy

For Curbside Brush Pick-Up & Leaf Removal

(Printable Copy of Our Policy)

Curbside Brush Pick‐up

April through October

(Exception - Christmas trees will be picked‐up during the first two weeks of January.)

  1. On Monday’s the DPW personnel will pick‐up grass clippings ONLY.
  2. On Tuesday’s the DPW personnel will pick‐up all other yard waste (NO GRASS CLIPPINGS) including bundled braches.
  3. All grass clippings and yard waste should be placed out at curbside or the street edge by 8:00am, but no sooner than 48 hours before the scheduled pick‐up.
  4. All grass clippings and yard waste should be placed in paper bags or trash containers. (NO PLASTIC BAGS or EASY CARTS WILL BE PICKED‐UP)
  5. Maximum total weight of bags, bundles or containers should not exceed 40 pounds. Brush or branches will be picked‐up in trash containers provided they do not exceed the 40‐pound weight limit.
  6. Maximum size of bundled (tied) branches should be no longer than 4 feet in length and 12 inches in diameter. Tie brush bundles with rope or twine, no wire please.
  7. Large quantities of brush/branches that do not meet these restrictions WILL NOT BE COLLECTED. Private haulers are available to assist residents with such removal.
  8. Approved yard waste bags will be available for purchase at the Village Office during normal business hours at cost to the residents.
  9. The Village tree limb chipper will be out for the first FULL week of May, August and October to give the residents a chance to have fallen or trimmed tree limbs chipped by Village employees. Tree limbs should not be put out for pick‐up any sooner than ONE WEEK PRIOR to the chipper being out. It will also come out for the period of four weeks in the event of a severe storm that has caused extensive damage.
  10. All limbs must be stacked neatly with cut ends towards the street. Limbs are not to exceed 5 inches in diameter. No messy piles, logs, root clusters or vines will be chipped or hauled by the Village.

Curbside Leaf Removal

October 15 through December 10
  1. Leaves will be removed from the curbside of the street edge of properties from October 15 through December 10, weather permitting. DPW staffs will pick‐up leaves on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (additional days if required).
  2. Leaves must be piled at the street edge or curb and must not include other debris. Piles containing debris such as stones, sticks, branches etc. WILL NOT BE COLLECTED.
  3. Leaves should be as close to the edge of the road as possible, but no further from the edge of the road than 6 feet. Keep leaf piles at least 4 feet from either side of poles, signs, and mail boxes etc., the hose cannot reach around these items.
  4. If an early snow fall should occur prior the December 10th not allowing residents to finish getting their leaves picked‐up. The Village will notify residents if the leaf vacuum will be out for the FIRST FULL WEEK OF APRIL ONLY.

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